How to Install A Printer Without CD

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If you misplaced your printer installation CD and stress out how you can install Epson printer without cd or your online brother printer installation. No need to worry. You can install your printer without a CD.

A step-by-step guide to installing a printer without CD

Connect Via USB

Nowadays, printers come with USB port connectivity. Such printers do not require any specialized software or CD for online brother printer installation or any other brand printer installation, you can just connect the computer with the printer with a USB. You need to install a basic driver and your printer is ready in a few minutes for giving you printouts.

Follow this method to install with a USB:

• Plugged in both your printer and computer.
• Turn on the computer, but leave the printer off for a while.
• Once the computer has fully started, link the printer with a USB cable, now it’s time to turn on the printer.
• If your computer shows an automatic message saying it “found new hardware,” you can click on this pop-up and install from there. There is a small installation package that also comes with some printers for installations.
• If you don’t get that message or your computer is unable to detect the new hardware, open the “Control Panel” and then select “Printers and Hardware.” Click “Add Printer” and let your computer detect and install the new printer.
• If your printer fails to find the printer, you may require to install it manually by selecting the drive it is connected to and the brand.
• If your computer does not already have the correct driver, try using the “Windows Update” utility to download the newest drivers to your computer. Then try the above steps again.

Visit the Company Website

Several printers need more innovative software, especially to do more complex printing functions or to use additional features. The plus point of installing from the manufacturer’s website is you get the advanced and upgraded versions of the driver.

Step-by-step process to install from the company website:

• Check out the brand name of the printer and model number.
• Go through the website of the printer e.g. if you want to install Epson printer without CD then open the Epson printer website and look for a software or support link. Now look for a model number to find a user manual, drivers, and software.
• If in any case, you can’t find the manual and software for your printer on the company’s website, search on Google for the brand and model number along with the word “software.” This should bring up the company’s website page or third-party software installation such as CNET. We recommend do not install anything from any irrelevant website.
• If your computer is not connected to the internet, you can still use the steps above on another computer that is online and then download the software to a USB drive. Finally, run the software from the USB on your computer.

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