Brother Printer Service

Brother is amongst the top printer manufacturing brands and it has a reputable standing in the printing business. At Printer Setup, we ensure that you are able to install Brother printer with ease. Our online Brother printer installation guide provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow instructions so the user can easily complete their Brother printer installation process. With our assistance, you would not need to download a separate Brother printer driver installer since our install and set-up process incorporates the steps necessary for you to install Brother printer drivers for Windows and for Mac.

Our online Brother printer installation guide assists you in successfully completing the hardware installation. We then help you to connect your printer with your computer before guiding you through the Brother printer software installation process. If you face difficulties even after completing the Brother printer installation process, our troubleshooting guide helps you to find quick solutions particular to your problem.

The first you need to do before you install Brother printer is preparing your printer for installation. You must carefully remove the tapes and the packaging from your printer and insert the ink cartridges in their slots. Make sure that you don’t throw the box away since you may need the box for filling out your printer’s details during the installation process. Once you have installed the hardware, you can connect the printer to your computer and begin with the Brother printer installation process. Many third-parties provide Brother printer driver installer but at Printer Setup, we don’t recommend using them. We only ask you to download the official software from Brother’s official website. This software automatically installs Brother printer drivers for Windows or for Mac depending upon your operating system.

To ensure that you install only the correct drivers, you must make sure that you select the right software file to download. You can follow the following steps to download the correct software:

  • Open your browser and go to the official Brother Printer’s website.
  • Go to the“Support &Download” section and select “Downloads, Manuals & FAQs.”
  • Now, select “Downloads.”
  • Fill in the correct details of your Brother printer and download the file depending upon your operating system. For example: download the software for windows if you’re using windows or pick Mac if you’re an using a MacBook.

After you have made the choices, you will be able to begin with the download for your 'Complete package of drivers & software.' This software will install all the Brother printer drivers for Windowsor for Mac and you would not need any other Brother printer driver installer to make your printer work.

If this is the first time you are setting up your printer, then we also recommend that you register your device. When the installation wizard asks you for your printer’s details, make sure that you fill in the information carefully. You can refer to the box of your printer to find the information. Note that you can only claim the warranty in future if you have registered your device.

If you have followed all the steps but are still unable to install Brother printer properly then you can perform a basic troubleshoot:

  • Re-check all your cable connections and fix all the loose connections.
  • Both your computer and your printer should be connected to the same network. Also ensure that the network is strong enough to support both your devices.
  • You can change the connection settings of your Brother printer by going to the “Network” section of your printer’s menu.
  • Select “WLAN” and let the wireless setup wizard guide you through the process.

If you are still confused about Brother printer installation process, you can check out our complete online Brother printer installation guide for more detailed instructions.