Is Your Printer Not Working?

Printer is not working: Try these basic troubleshooting steps to resolve the issues.

If you’ve performed all the steps in our online printer installation guide and completed the setup process but the printer still does not seem to work or you are unable to control your printer from your computer then, you must can try following the basic steps below to identify and resolve the issue. Most of our users find that by using these basic instructions they can solve their HP printer problems, Epson printer problems, Brother printer problems, Canon printer problems:

  • Check you cables and make sure all connections are tight. When you install a wired printer, you use a USB cable to connect your device but for wireless printers it is not required. Therefore, you can skip this step if you’re performing Canon Pixma printer troubleshooting process since Canon Pixma is a wireless printer. Unplug and re-connect all the Cable connections for your printer, PC and network router.
  • Check the strength internet connection. If you’re performing a printer offline troubleshooting process, then you must perform this step with extra care. If your printer is flashing an “Offline” message, it could be due to internet issues. Remove the saved network from your printer’s network settings and then re-connect your printer and your computer to the same network. If your computer is connected to a different network then it would not be able to find your printer through the Wi-Fi.
  • Clear your printing queue and give a fresh printing command and check if your printer now starts responding. Sometimes excessive print commands cause the printer to stop the printer from accepting more commands.
  • Re-install or update the printer drivers. You must check if updates are available for your printer driver and install them from the official website if needed. If no updates are visible then you must re-install the drivers. To complete your printer driver installation properly, you must make sure that you only download the software file from the official website and that you are mindful of the configurations of your computer device. Checking and updating the drivers usually resolve HP printer problems and Epson printer problems.
  • Sometimes the printer activates some “Offline” commands or “Pause” commands automatically without the user’s knowledge. Disable the automatic command mode to regain manual control on your printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is the default printer for your computer. You can check that in the settings of your computer. If your printer is not set as the default printer then you can change the settings of your computer to make the printer your default printer.
  • Clean your PC and then re-install the printer using our guide to ensure that you do not miss a step again.
  • If the printer still doesn’t work then you can delete the printer from your device list and try re-installing the printer. Restart your PC and then re-install the printer using our guide to ensure that you do not miss a step again.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue then you can check out our detailed troubleshooting guide. If you still need any further help, you can always contact us for our printer repair and maintenance services.

HP printer troubleshooting Guide

Our HP printer troubleshooting guide contains a detailed list of instructions that will allow you to fix your HP printer problems. By following the steps given below, you will be able to identify and resolve the issue:

  • First, we need to ensure that your printer is the default printer and that there are no pending commands blocking up the queue.
  • Go to your Windows device and search for your Control Panel.
  • Now select “Devices and Printers.”
  • Find your HP Printer device and check if you can see a green tick symbol underneath it. If you can’t see this symbol, it means that your device is not set as the default printer.
  • Right click on your printer’s icon and select “Set as default printer.” Confirm your decision by selecting “yes” in the dialogue box that opens and check if now you can see the green tick.
  • Now right click on the printer icon again and select, “What’s printing.”
  • Go to the “Printer” menu and select “Cancel all documents.”
  • This would clear up all the pending commands from the queue and restore your control over your printer.
  • Give the print command now for a test document and check if the issue has subsided.

If your HP printer problems persist despite following the steps in the above HP printer troubleshooting guide, you must consult a technician to resolve your issue as soon as you can. You can also contact us for more solutions.

Brother printer troubleshooting

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  • We have listed below all the models of HP printer. Select the appropriate model to download the drivers.
  • Always ensure that the HP printer is turned ON at time of setup and is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as with the system. You can do this by enabling the Wi-Fi button on the printer to make it discoverable on the network.
  • Check your firewall settings before beginning with the setup to make sure that the firewall is not blocking printer driver.

Epson Printer Troubleshooting guide

Most of the Epson printer problems can be easily resolved by fixing the internet and the cable connections. However, if you are still unable to resolve your issue, you can follow the steps in this Epson printer troubleshooting guide to fix the problem:

  • Make sure that your hardware has been properly installed. Refill your paper tray if needed and replace your cartridges if they are empty.
  • Check the strength of your internet connection and see if your drivers are updated. The strength of your connection is especially important if your Epson printer troubleshooting process is for a wireless printer. You must also make sure that your device is connected to the same network as your PC.
  • Also ensure that your printer only has the original parts. Epson printer problems may arise if the parts being used in the printer are not original.
  • Clear all your print jobs and make sure that your Epson printer is the default printer.
  • Command your printer to print a test page to see if your issues have subsided.

If you have followed all the steps in this Epson printer troubleshooting guide but you are still struggling with Epson printer problems then we recommend that you check out the official Epson website or contact us for personalised solutions.

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Brother printer problems can often be very easily resolved by restarting the device. You can follow the steps written below in out Brother printer troubleshooting guide to learn how to restart your printer. The steps written below are especially applicable to you if you have been receiving error code E50 and E60. To restart your printer:

  • Take out the power cord from the power switch and let the printer be.
  • Give it a few minutes to cool off. You can touch the surface of the printer to check if the heat has normalized.
  • Put the power cord back into the socket and press the power button of your printer.
  • When the printer turns on, reconnect it to your computer from the scratch.
  • Give a print command and print a test document. This should help you identify if your Brotherprinter problems have subsided or not
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